Physics II 29:1702

Electricity and Magnetism



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Grading Policy

Possible final grades are A+,A,B,C,D,F,I. The grade of A+ is for performance that is a full grade above an A. Grades are based on homework scores (15%), lab scores (15%), two mid term exam scores (20% each), and the final exam (30%). All exams will be graded by hand; all grades will be curved to a mean of seventy and a standard deviation of fifteen.

total score =
.15 (70 + (15/sd_lab)*(lab_score - mean_lab)) +
.15 (70 + (15/sd_hw)*(hw_score - mean_hw))+
.2 (70 + (15/sd_ex1)*(ex1_score - mean_ex1))+
.2 (70 + (15/sd_ex2)*(ex2_score - mean_ex2))+
.3 (70 + (15/sd_fex)*(fex_score - mean_fex))

The College of Liberal Arts recommends the following grade distributions for intermediate level courses: A 18%, B 36%, C 39%, D 5%, F 2%. These guidelines will be used as a first approximation in assigning final grades.

Homework will be due on Friday's before 5:00pm. The homework assignments use Wiley plus. They will be made available on the Fridays before they are due. The exams, which are responsible for most of the course grade, will be graded by hand. You must show your work in order to get credit for your answer. The exam questions will involve calculations and may also involve derivations. There will be NO multiple choice questions. Because of this I recommend that in doing the homework you get in the habit of writing out your solutions carefully on paper before entering them in Wiley plus. This will help you get used to my expectations for exam solutions. As physicists, or more generally scientists or engineers, it is also important to be able to communicate the steps and logic used in your arguments. Writing out your homework solutions is good practice for developing the type of communication skills that you will need as a professional scientist or engineer. I will post written solutions to the homework assignments on the class web page (after the due date) which will provide an illustration of the kind of detail I would like to see in you exam solutions.

Lectures, homework assignments, solutions, the course calendar, and notices will appear on the web version of this syllabus ( It can also be reached from the Physics Department's web page under course web pages. There is also a link in ICON. The lectures will be live streamed (see ICON) and recorded. The zoom IDs are lectures: 954 5499 1700; discussion: 949 465 8368.

Participation in the laboratory portion of the course is required. The grade of "I" will be assigned to students who miss more than one laboratory. This semester, you will receive a lab kit during the first lab that will be used to all of the labs. For students who are unable to be on campus due to covid 19 these kits can used remotely. You will have to make arrangements to pick up your kit.

General Information

This course is the second of four introductory physics courses for physics majors. It covers electricity, magnetism, and special relativity. The material covered is in chapters 21-33 and 37 of the text. The prerequisites are 029:027 (PHYS:1701) and 22M:026 (MATH:1860). Elementary differential and integral calculus will be used in the lectures. The course is open to physics or astronomy majors. It is approved for the natural sciences with laboratory general education requirement.

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